Terms & Conditions

Upon payment of purchase price of ticket, Passenger agrees to be bound by all of the terms and conditions which follow. The ticket and this Terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between Passenger and Carrier and supersede all other agreements, oral, implied or written (hereinafter referred as Contract).


  • The terms “You”, “Your” and “Passenger” mean all persons purchasing or traveling under this Contract, including any accompanying minors, and each person’s heirs and personal representatives. Your acceptance of this Contract represents Your acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms and conditions for You and for all other persons traveling under this Contract, all of whom accept and agree to all the terms and conditions set forth herein.
  • The terms “We”, “Us”, “Our” and “Carrier” mean KOMPAS d.o.o. POREČ, M. Vlašića 20, Croatia, ID HR-AB-52-040074652 , its subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as the owner or user of the Ship.
  • The term “Ship” means the vessel chartered, operated, or provided by Us as the carrier on which You travel and/or any substituted ship.
  • The term “Master” means the Captain of the Ship or any person authorized by him.
  • The term “Travel Agent’s or Third Party Seller’s” means person/legal entity authorized by Carrier as ticket reseller or ticket sales intermediary.
  • The term “Destination” means routs between Istria and Venice and vice versa but does not imply trips between Istrian Ports.

Border Formalities

  • Passengers are responsible for complying with border formalities.
  • Upon embarkation, Passenger is obliged to have in its possession the valid ticket.
  • The Carrier is not responsible in the event that the passenger is not allowed to embark at the point of origin or to disembark at the port of destination due to lack of the necessary documents including Visas or non-observance of formalities by the Passenger.
  • The driver’s license is not a correct identification document for international travelling and will not be accepted.
  • In such cases the Passenger shall indemnify the Carrier for any eventual damages and expenses, including but not limiting to the issuance of one way/return ticket.
  • Should the actions or inactions of any Passenger result the Ship is not sailing at its scheduled departure time, the Passenger shall indemnify the Carrier for any eventual damages and expenses.


  • The price of the ticket includes the sea journey, government port departure and arrival tax, levy when applicable and fuel surcharge.
  • The Carrier reserves all rights concerning the pricing and payment of ticket price.
  • The Carrier reserves the right to collect any increases of taxes, levy, exchange rate or fuel surcharges in effect at the time of sailing and change the ticket price according to fluctuations even if the price has already been paid in full.

Ticket validity

  • The ticket is not transferable or assignable by Passenger and is valid only for person, for the Ship, for the Destination and within the validity period stated on the ticket.
  • Passenger may purchase one way or return tickets. Open return tickets are not available which means that in case of purchase of return ticket departure and return are at the same day.
  • At the time of booking Passenger is obliged to insert required information (Name, gender, Surname, Nationality, Date of Birth, Passport/ID number) correctly into the booking system. Should any details submitt ed during booking, not match the details on the document presented at time of check-in, the Carrier has the right not to accept the passenger on board and no refunds will be granted.
  • Carrier is not liable for lost, stolen, misplaced or destroyed tickets.
  • You cannot travel on lost tickets. To be able to travel, you must repurchase your tickets.


  • You warrant that You and all other Passengers travelling with You are physically, emotionally and otherwise fit to undertake the travel.
  • The attention is drawn to the possibility of weather conditions changing during a voyage.
  • Passengers with a medical condition, for which they have not sought professional advice, are obliged to inform a member of The Carrier’s staff prior to departure. The Master of the Ship may, at his discretion and in the interest of the passenger, disallow boarding.
  • It is the passenger’s responsibility to check carefully the booking details / travel documents and inform the Carrier or travel agent should any inaccuracies be found.
  • Passengers are to ensure that they are in possession of all necessary (valid) documents prior to travelling.

Special needs

  • Passengers with special needs are to advise the Carrier of any requirements when effecting a reservation. At booking stage the requirements can be indicated in the “Additional Notes” during the booking process.
  • If passengers are not self reliant, we require them to travel with an responsible accompanying person aged 16 years and over.
  • Reduced mobility Passengers may travel on our Ships as long as they are accompanied by a responsible accompanying passenger aged 16 years or over.
  • Wheelchairs, Electric wheelchairs and walking frames can be carried free of charge.
  • Due to space restrictions on the Ship, Mobility scooters cannot be accepted on the Ship.
  • Ships are not adjusted to the embarkation, debarkation and accommodation of disabled persons.
  • Our cabin crew will be happy to provide required assistance; however, they are not allowed to provide medical services such as administering injections.
  • For safety reasons cabin crew cannot lift passengers or assist with personal hygiene.


  • Due to safety reasons it is the Carrier’s policy not to accept minors under the age of 16 years old travelling unaccompanied by an adult of over 18 years old. In the case of schools groups it is of utmost importance that the group is accompanied by at least one group leader of 18 years or over and that the group leader has a manifest with all details (name, surname, gender, nationality, date of birth and passport/ID number) of all the passengers travelling with the group.
  • We urge our passengers to kindly inform themselves of the general immigration regulations between Croatia and Italy for Minors (Passengers under the age of 18) travelling unaccompanied or accompanied by adults other than their parents or legal guardians.
  • It is in the responsibility of the Passengers to check such requirements for travelling since full details of the law cannot be supplied since they might vary from time to time without prior notice.
  • Passengers travelling with minors which are not their children, may be asked upon check-in, embarkation and disembarkation, to present specific documentation such as a legal document authorized by the minor’s parents or legal guardians allowing them to travel with the said passengers. Failure to present such documentation may lead to denial of embarkation and passengers will not eligible for refunds.


  • Before departure, passengers should ensure that no variations have taken place concerning the Ship’s time and date of sailing indicated on the ticket. Therefore a booking confirmation 24 hrs before departure both on the outgoing and the incoming voyages are recommended.
  • Passenger is obliged to check the embarkation timings stated on ticket.
  • In Venice and Croatia, check-in closes 15 minutes prior to departure.

Luggage / Baggage Allowance

  • Passengers purchasing one way or return tickets are entitled to carry:1 (one) checked-in luggage of not set size or weight and, 1 (one) hand luggage of not more than 56cm x 45cm x 25cm in size and 10kg in weight. Handbag, briefcase, laptop, shop purchases, camera etc must be carried in your 1 (one) permitt ed piece of hand luggage. Possible additional surcharge for luggage.
  • The above items of luggage are included in the ticket price and do not need to be announced at booking stage.
  • Excess luggage can be booked at booking stage at an additional cost of €5.00 per luggage per leg or during check-in at an additional cost of €10.00 per luggage per leg.
  • There is no checked/hand luggage allowance for infants. However, one fully collapsible pushchair per infant may be carried free of charge.
  • Additional infant equipment such as car/ booster seats and travel cot may be carried in addition to your personal checked-in luggage allowance and will be subject to additional charges should your regular allowance be exceeded.
  • Bicycles are not to be considered as luggage even if they are carried in appropriate bags/ luggage and are subject to an additional cost of €10.00 per bicycle. Bicycles can be reserved at booking stage or during check-in. The Ships have limited spaces for bicycles so prior announcement is advised. Please note that e-bikes and e-scooters are not allowed aboard our vessels.
  • All luggage should have name tags attached to them.
  • When departing from Croatia all luggage including the checked-in luggage must be carried by the passenger through the border control.
  • When departing from Venice checked-in luggage is to be deposited at the check-in desk and will be taken by the port security in order to be scanned. Hand luggage is to be taken by the passenger when passing through the security gates and border control. It is of utmost importance that the passenger identifies the checked-in luggage which will be found alongside the Ship before embarking the Ship in order for it to be embarked on the Ship by The Carrier’s crew members.
  • For security reasons passengers are only allowed to take to their seats small baggage items such as handbags, briefcase, laptop, shop purchases, camera bags. All other items including bulkier hand luggage is to be deposited by the passengers during embarkation in the storage place reserved on the Ship as indicated by the Ship’s crew.
  • Bulky luggage or accompanied cargo may be carried at the discretion of the Master of the Ship and is subject to a higher charge in accordance with a set tariff .
  • Only luggage containing passenger’s personal effects will be accepted as luggage.
  • Unaccompanied luggage is forbidden.
  • The Carrier is not responsible for loss of or willful damage to luggage.
  • In the interest of safety, The Carrier may destroy any unaccompanied luggage or luggage left behind aft er disembarkation.


  • If you are travelling with your pets please be sure to be in possession of the international passport for animals.
  • All animals should be in possession of all vaccines required by both the point of origin and the destination port.
  • The Carrier is not responsible in the event that the animal is not allowed to embark at the point of origin or to disembark at the port of destination due to lack of the necessary documents and vaccines. In such instances the passenger travelling with the animal shall compensate the Carrier for any eventual damages and expenses including but not limiting to the issuance of a one way/return ticket, if this is applicable.
  • Cats need to be transported in appropriate cages.
  • Dogs cannot be larger than 60 cm in length and 50 cm in height (from head down). All dogs must be in possession of a leash and a mouth muzzle.
  • All animals have to be announced at time of booking.
  • The Master of the Ship may, at his discretion and in the interest of the other passengers, disallow boarding of the animal irrespective if it is properly announced or in possession of all required documentation or vaccines. In such situations The Carrier will not be liable to refunds of the animal and neither the passenger tickets.
  • Please be aware that your pet will not necessarily be kept in the seating area.
  • Pets are subject to an additional cost of €10.00 per pet.

Refunds and booking modifications

  • Cancellations done up to 24 hours before departure will be fully refunded on request
  • All bookings on all routes are subject to cancellation fees.
  • Cancellations done from 12-24 hours before departure will be charged at 50% of the value of the booking.
  • Cancellations done within 12 hours before the departure are not entitled to any refund.
  • Passengers not checking in on time for departure or anyhow not embarking are not eligible for refunds, partial or otherwise of the amount paid.
  • If when a modification is made the new ticket is more expensive than the original ticket, the difference in the ticket price will also be charged. If the new ticket price is less than the original price, a refund on the price difference will not be applicable By booking modification we mean time and day of departure or itinerary.
  • Name changes are not permitted.
  • Amendments are subject to availability.

Delay / Cancellation / Re-Routing

  • The specification of the craft that will provide the transport is merely indicative since it could be replaced by another craft .
  • The Carrier reserves the right to delay, cancel or re-route the sailing of the Ship without prior notice whether on the outbound or inbound journey, if this is due to chance events, force majeure, adverse meteorological-sea conditions, strikes, safety or technical breakdowns constituting force majeure, or any other reasons not attributable to the Carrier.
  • In the event of cancellations, The Carrier shall refund the unutilized portion of the ticket but shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage caused thereby and will not accept any claim to reimburse any supplementary expenses.
  • Crossing times are calculated on the basis of the distance between ports in favorable meteorological-sea conditions.
  • The Carrier accepts no responsibility for delays due to port operations.
  • Arrival times, if stated, must be seen as indicative and may be subject to variation as a consequence of meteorological-sea conditions, port traffic, limits imposed by competent authorities or other bodies, and for which The Carrier shall accept no liability.
  • In case of cancellations, the Carrier will try to provide an alternative means of transportation to all one way clients. This will be not necessarily be communicated prior to departure but may be communicated upon check-in.
  • Passengers are entitled to refuse the alternative means of transportation and a full refund of the unutilized portion of the ticket will be granted, however the Carrier will not accept any claim to reimburse any supplementary expenses. If the passenger chooses not to accept the alternative means of transportation, they must inform us of their decision in advance to be eligible for the refund. 
  • The refund will not necessarily be given at time of check-in.
  • If the passenger agrees to the alternative arrangement provided, the passenger loses the right to a refund of the ticket.
  • Please note that the alternative means of transportation does not guarantee the arrival at destination at the same time stipulated by the original booked ticket and the Carrier at all times does not accept any claim to reimburse the ticket or any supplementary expenses.
  • According to the EU Passenger Rights Regulation (EU) no. 1177/2010, you are entitled to 50% refund of the ticket if the trip is canceled.

Lost Property

  • The Carrier will not be liable for loss or damage to any luggage or other personal property left in terminals, premises or Ship.


  • Passenger agree to indemnify Carrier for all penalties, fines, charges, losses or damages of any nature incurred or imposed upon Carrier or the Ship by virtue of any act or violation of law by Passenger or by all Guests named on or travelling under the this Contract.

Passenger’s covenants

  • You covenant and warrant that You are duly authorized by or on behalf of all Passengers named on or traveling under this Contract to agree to all terms, conditions, limitations and exceptions herein contained, and by accepting and/ or using this Ticket/Contract he or she and/or they do agree accordingly and do agree that the same shall be binding on them with the same force and effect as if they and every one of them signed the Contract. Passenger must take proper steps (including provision of all necessary documents) as may be required to enable him or her to embark at port of destination and generally to comply with the laws of the country in which port is situated.

Travel agents responsibilities

  • It is the Travel Agent’s or Third Party Seller’s responsibility to convey all information in these Terms & Conditions to the passenger. In the event that an Agent or Third Party Seller fails to do so, the Agent or Third Party Seller is responsible for any direct or indirect damages incurred by the client. The Travel Agent or Third Party Seller is also responsible to forward to the client any information that might be issued by The Carrier from time to time. The Carrier accepts no liability for not conveying the Terms and Conditions or portraying inaccurate information to the passenger.

Boarding conditions

  • Passengers are reminded to read these Terms & conditions available on our website. These Terms & conditions will not necessarily be printed on the ticket or on the boarding passes which are issued to every Passenger during check in. All boarding conditions will be available at the Carriers Check-in points but will only be displayed if requested by the passenger. Once a passenger is on the Ship, it automatically implies that he agrees and accepts the boarding conditions.


  • Security information and ISPS costs – In compliance with the rulings of the international ISPS code relating to anti-terrorism provisions, passengers must exhibit their tickets and identity documents if requested by a ship’s officer. They must also grant their consent to inspections of their luggage should this be requested. Such checks may also be carried out by departments of the harbour authorities. The Carrier informs Passengers that the harbour authorities may make further requests and ask for the payment of supplementary taxes which cannot always be foreseen or quantified in advance.

Handling / filing complaints

  • In the case of non-performance or incomplete performance of the agreed service, every Passenger has the right to fi le complaints due to the failure of performance of contracted services. If the Passenger is not satisfi ed with a specific situation on the spot of service providing, he is obligated to inform the Carriers representative immediately, giving explanation to his dissatisfaction. The Passenger is obligated to cooperate with the Carriers representative, to act in a good faith and to exhibit the desire to resolve any complaints during the voyage. Should the Passenger not accept the proposed solution which corresponds with the service rendered on the spot, the Carrier is not obligated to take additional complaints into consideration. If the Passenger accepts a proposed solution on the spot, Carrier is not obligated to accept any further complaints.
  • If the problem is not resolved on the spot following an intervention, the Passenger is obligated to submit a writt en complaint along with supporting documents to the agency where he bought the tickets no later than 8 days following the return of the Passenger. The Carrier shall only take into consideration fully documented complaints which are received within the 8-day deadline. Every complaint has to be submitt ed separately by the traveler and Carrier will not take group complaints into consideration.
  • Until a decision has been made by the Carrier, in other words for the duration of the 15 days aft er the complaint has been filed, the Passenger relinquishes the right to involve a third party, the arbitration of the UHPA or other institutions, publicly disclosing information as well as filing suit. The Carrier may postpone the term for delivering a decision for an additional 14 days due to information collecting. The Passenger has the right to compensation in the amount of the actual value of the unused services and cannot include services that have been used or the entire value of the travel arrangement. In every case, compensation for damages in non-performance, partial performance or undue performance of obligations is limited to the amount of the price of ticket. This excludes the Passenger’s right to be compensated for non material or optimal damage. The Carrier cannot be held liable for changing of rout or vehicle as a result of climate conditions (e.g. storm, wind) which enables sailing.

Personal information security

  • The Passenger provides personal information of his/her own free will. Personal information is required for processing requested services. The same information shall be used for intercommunication.
    The Carrier is under obligation that the personal information of the Passenger will not be taken out of the country or given to a third party except for the purpose of carrying out requested services. The personal information will be kept in a database in accordance with the Management’s decision on the method used for collecting, processing and securing personal information. With the acceptance of these General Terms, the Passenger gives permission for his/her personal information to be used for promotional offers of the Carrier.


  • The Carrier would like to remind the Passengers that they and their luggage are not covered by Travel Insurance. It is in the responsibility of the Passenger to purchase their own travel insurance.


  • This Contract is governed by Croatian Law. The Parties agree that the competent court in Zagreb, Republic of Croatia shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any dispute arising our or in connection with this Agreement (including a dispute regarding the existence and validity of this Agreement).