Prince of Venice

Prince of Venice catamaran was built in Australia with main purpose to withstand high seas at the specific way which makes it very stable and safe during the bad weather. Its design is distinctive and attractive. In rough seas, the catamaran’s distinctive snout between its two hulls, which cuts the waves and prevents the front from sinking into the water. Prince is one of those ships that you can not simply miss not even during the boarding.

Quality maintenance is held each year during winter times, however complete renovation was done in 2016 with new more powerful engines, better air-condition, more comfortable seats and multimedia to help you relax and spend time on board like first class passenger.

Prince of Venice catamaran


Technical details

Length39,60 m
Width15,60 m
Passenger capacity328
Speed23 knots
Tonnage363 t
Draft1,60 m
Crew5 + 5
Air conditioned+
Duty free

HSC Ship Anđela

In addition to a spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned lounge, the ship hast luggage compartments, access and toilets for the disabled, and a coffee bar / kiosk.
At a speed of 33 Nm, the ship Anđela enables fast and safe sailing to the desired destination.

Anđela catamaran


Technical details

Length34,83 m
Width10,50 m
Passenger capacity250
Speed33 NM
Tonnage332 t
Year of construction2010
Power2 x 1080 kW
Air conditioned+
Duty free