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Privacy statement

Kompas Ltd. is obliged not to misuse you personal information contained in order form. Personal information is considered to be all the data used for determining Buyer’s identity (such as first and last name, email address, home address etc.).

Kompas Ltd. will not deliver nor reveal Buyer’s personal information to third parties, apart from cases in which such actions are strictly mandated by the law in force and in cases when such actions are needed for fulfillment of obligations.

All Buyer’s information is strictly protected and is available only to those employees who need such information in order to perform their job. All employees and business partners of Kompas Ltd. are responsible for respecting privacy protection principles.

Kompas Ltd. is obliged to ensure the protection of Buyer’s personal information by collecting only basic information on the Buyer’s, i.e. only information needed for fulfillment of obligations.

Kompas Ltd. has the right to use information that is automatically recorded during each visit to the website, and is not considered as personal information (browser used, number of visits, time spent on the website etc.) for the sole purpose of making website visitation estimations and for website content and functionality enhancement.

Kompas Ltd. informs all Buyers regarding the usage of collected data and regularly offers its Buyers the choice when it comes to the usage of their information, including a possibility for a Buyer to decide whether he/she wants his/her name to be removed from the lists used in marketing campaigns.

In a case of change of any personal information (for example, home address, delivery address etc.) that was provided during registration process, the Buyer is obliged to inform Kompas Ltd. about such changes. In a case that Kompas Ltd. was not informed of such changes mentioned above, Kompas Ltd. shall not be considered responsible not viable regarding any order, i.e. delivery, problems.

The aforementioned provisions regarding personal information protection refer to the home web page of alternativa-webshop.com web shop only and to all pages inside alternativa-webshop.com domain, they do not refer to exterior pages connected to alternativa-webshop.com domain via links.

Apart from cases of electronic order, Kompas Ltd. shall not dispatch emails to the Buyer if he/she does not clearly agree to be contacted in that manner.


Credit card payment safety

Buyer’s personal information confidentiality is protected and ensured via SSL encryption.

Pages for internet payments are protected via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption (SSL encryption is data encryption process used for prevention of unauthorized access to data during data transfer).

The aforementioned protection ensures safe data transfer and prevents unauthorized access to data during communication between Buyer’s PC and WSPay payment gateway service and vice-versa.

The aforementioned service and financial institutions (credit card issuers) exchange data via virtual private network (VPN) that is protected against unauthorized access. Credit card numbers are not stored and are not available to unauthorized persons.


WSPAy payment gateway


WSPAy™ is a system that allows simple connection between a store and one or more credit card issuers. WSPAy™ allows safe exchange of authorization questions and answers from credit card issuers.


– 3D Secure protection for all sellers and customers. WSPay™ system uses the highest standards of protection and data privacy.

– All sellers using WSPay™ are a part of 3D Secure protection, which is a guarantee to web shop buyers that their shopping is safe.

– Buyer’s credit card numbers are not kept inside the system and their entry is protected via SSL data encryption.

– Certification according to PCI DSS standards

– WSPaysystem continuously works on safety enhancement and its confirmation. Starting this year, it will be confirmed that WSPay™ services function at the highest standards defined by credit card issuers.

 PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is a norm that defines safety measures for processing, storing and transferring (communication) credit card data.